CGC Oilfield Logistics

Oilfield logistics are part of our key activities providing services to the international petroleum exploration and production and supporting industries for on-shore and off-shore projects. CGC, Oilfield Logistics,  offers various transport support, usually from different suppliers or  within your own existing sites in the world to your new development. We transport drilling cement to support and protect well casings or chemicals for your day-to-day oil field operations. We also have the capability of airfreighting complex steel structures, pipes and aggregates, emergency positioning of deepwater and underwater equipment; CGC ensures the most cost effective combination of global transportation services. Are you looking at airfreighting time sensitive oilfield equipment? CGC has the expertise and experience to handle this.CGC delivers on demand  adding control and value to your day to day oilfield operations.




CGC handles your logistics needs professionally

Heavy Equipment Airlift

CGC is committed to excellent handling and the capacity to airlift heavy machineries and oversized equipment, such as earthmoving, mining, minisized aircrafts, helicorpters, luxury & sports automobiles, agricultural equipment, heavy and large wooden crates, construction machineries to and from any location worldwide! Based on our extensive knowledge of heavy machineries and related project, CGC  provides in combination with our international partners a world class service well as to customized handling into remote areas of the world where most of the final operators, such as mining, drilling, sports arena or construction companies need there cargo.

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